Free Trial (For Evaluation Only)

Free Trial (For Evaluation Only)


FlashWorks has been thoroughly checked and cleaned for viruses. DURING THE DOWNLOAD, YOUR VIRUS PROTECTION PROGRAM MUST BE TURNED OFF! Once the download completes you can scan the file with you virus protection program. The software has complied with all the security requirements from both Microsoft and Google. You will receive several warnings during the install process, this is normal during downloads. Flashworks software is safe to install, it is on a secure server, has been digitally signed, scanned with two different virus protection programs and is fully encrypted for your safety.

Depending on what version of Windows you are using you may be asked to start the Crypkey licensing service. Here is how - Go to the programs list scroll to F and find Flashworks Crypkey License, double click the shortcut to start the Crypkey license service. (Click on Additional info on how to use your free trial runs)

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Flashworks software comes with FIVE FREE trial runs for evaluation. Watch the videos first then use the trial runs. After the runs are used, you will be asked to purchase the software. You must purchase the full version and receive your unlimited license to continue using the software. If you do not receive your five trial runs you may contact us at for additional five runs. No need to re-install the software this is the full version, just follow the licensing instructions after purchase.