The free trial software is the full version software.

No need to re-install the program when purchasing. Just go the shop now page select the type of license you wish to purchase.

Full version unlimited license for 2 -computers

Upgrade - only for Full version existing license holders - 2 computers

Annual subscription 1- computer

Annual subscription 2- computers

complete your purchase.

Next simply start Flashworks from your programs list and when the pop up license screen says program not authorized simply press the enter key. You will see a new screen, just click on the display site code button, agree to the licensing agreement and a site code will be displayed. Copy and paste the site code into an email and send ti sales@Flash-works.net. Upon purchase conformation the type of license site key will be sent back for you to copy and paste into the site key portion of the configure license box; then press validate and the program is licensed. Every time the program stats the pop up license box will display the license type and then disappear and the program starts.

Getting an error component comdlg32.ocx or one of its dependencies not correct?

On some computers Microsoft Windows 10 does not have the correct file or it is missing in the system 32 file to allow the program to run. Here is the way to correct the problem.

Step 1 - The video below will allow you to enable or disable your administrator account.


Step 2 - Here is a video to fix the problem with comdlg32.ocx


How can I get extra trial runs to complete my evaluation of the software?

We can issue an additional 5 runs for evaluation. Send us your site code this is found in the pop-up configure license box. Click on display site code button and follow the instructions. Once you agree to the licensing instructions, a site code will be displayed, email that site code to us along with your contact information name, company, telephone, email and any questions you have.

The crypkey license service does not start automatically

Go to file explorer,then to the C drive on your computer,scroll and

find Program Files (x86)

Select Electrosoft click, then click on Flashworks2018

then click on setupex

all the license files will install.

I am running Norton Utilities. How can I prevent license loss?

"Norton Utilities Speed Disk" "Speed disk" is the defragmentation utility included in Symantec's Norton Utilities. Unfortunately, speed Disk moves Crypkey licensing files, causing license loss. CrypKey uses four special licensing files (*.ENT, *.RST, .KEY and .41s) to control your product licensing. These files are hidden system files and reside in the same directory as the protected product.
To prevent license loss:

  1. Open Speed disk, and choose File, Options, Customize, and Unmovable Files

  2. Specify that the *.ENT, *.RST, .KEY and .41S files cannot be moved

  3. Choose File, Options, Optimization, and Save to save the new profile.

  4. .Make sure the hidden and system boxes are checked

Problems caused by Today’s Antivirus programs !

Flashworks software is safe, it has been placed on a secure server HTTPS, the software is on secure socket SSL and now the code is digitally signed, the program code is encrypted for safety and the executable file has been scanned with two different antivirus program to further ensure safety. Antivirus programs attack any executable file (.exe) and try to remove it from your computer. A recent client had McAfee quarantine the the program fw.exe and prevent it from starting, once he realized the problem and cleared the program from quarantine the program works fine as it has for over 18 years for thousands of satisfied clients across the country. Therefore, we recommend turning off your virus protection software during the download process, once completed you can scan the setup.exe file for viruses if you wish. Then install the setup.exe, you will get warnings from Windows Defender, it is safe to install click run away, Your antivirus should be turned off if its on it may give you warnings too, the software is safe to run.

Can the alignment of calculations results printouts which are cut and pasted to other programs be corrected?

Yes, highlight the entire portion of the calculation results, then select font and choose a courier font. Also choose landscape in the print setup or page setup portion of the program.

I purchased the program and configure license box says I have to purchase the program (Get your license)

You need to get your unlimited license called a site key. Simply click on the license configuration box and press the enter key, next click on the display site code button and answer yes to the pop-up question? Have you read the license agreement? A site code will be displayed, copy and paste this site code into an email and sent it to Sales@Flash-Works.net. In the email enter your contact information, name, company, mailing address, phone/fax and email address. Add small statement telling us that you need your license. The unlocking site key will be sent back for you to copy and paste into the site key portion of the license configuration screen. When you click validate the program is authorized. Then to start your program just let the pop-up configure license screen disappear (do not click on the box) the program will start with the welcome screen.

How do I use the program?

The program will automatically give you five trial runs of the software. Note: the free trial Program is for evaluation of our program (ONLY), NOT for PERMITS) Every time you close the program one run is used up. Go to C:\elecsoft18\manuals folder. there are 2 -manuals one in word and another in PDF format. The program help file is located in this folder, just click to open on your computer. Review the help file or the manuals they are a tutorial.Video tutorials are available on YouTube Type in our channel, Flashworks Electrical Calculation Software in the search bar or go to the videos below on this page.

Does the program have a tutorial?

Yes, choose the instruction manual on the welcome screen or go to the manuals folder for both Word and PDF format, printable sample riser diagrams and our downloadable HTML HELP FILE are located  in the manuals folder  C:\elecsoft18\manuals. Video tutorials are located at the bottom this page and on our YouTube channel Flashworks Electrical Calculation Software!

How do I insure proper calculations for multi-family or multi-use commercial calculations?

Step 1 - Always calculate the smallest building or occupancy save to a file after calculating.

Step 2 - Choose either the multi-family or multi-use part of the program and insert the previously calculated files for residential, commercial and house panels. Remember you are building the service step by step in multi-use part of the program.

Can I put the program on my desktop?

You can put a shortcut to the program
The program must go in the default directory C:\elecsoft18. All the tables from NEC used with program reside in this directory. If the program is not properly placed it will not be able to find the files. You cannot use a different directory.

How do I save a file? Note: Files must be saved in the root directory C:\elecsoft18 by type of occupancy

Grey menu bar (left to right) complete all the sections. Enter the service voltage and phase. Step 4 - All data entered and all boxes checked off then Click File then Calculate. Once the calculation has been performed the file can be saved.

File paths are:

C:\elecsoft18\Resid - single dwelling or apartment ext .rrr,

C:\elecsoft18\Comm - single commercial unit (non-dwelling) ext .ccc,

C:\elecsoft18\House - house panels ext .hpf, Multifamily ext .bbb, and Multi-Use commercial(up to six points of service at one point) ext.xxx

C:\elecsoft18\Panel - panel balancing & panel directory ext. pbl