Powerful Software for Electrical Service Load Calculations
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   FlashWorks Disclaimer

Electrical load calculations are based on many sections of the NEC and even when the designer performs calculations on a daily basis the designer must refer to many specific references in the Code to assure proper deductions and adjustments are made. This process can be an overwhelming and time-consuming task.

FlashWorks takes the work out of the calculation process! Calculations can be performed as fast as one can enter the information into the predesigned entry screens. A click of the mouse and the Calculation is complete, and displayed on the screen. Then with the selection of Panel Sizing the panels can be determined. Parallel conductors and conduits are sized. Finally, one can determine the short circuit calculation for the AIC rating of the overcurrent protective device.

This program is designed for use by licensed professionals in the Electrical Industry. Licensed Electricians, Electrical Contractors, Engineers, Architects, Inspectors, Building Code Officials. It is not for unlicensed electricians or to be used for home improvement projects! Professionals are persons who are trained in the Standards for Electrical design covered by the National Electrical Code NFPA 70.