Powerful Software for Electrical Service Load Calculations
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How does FlashWorks help me with Electrical Service Calculations?

FlashWorks is designed for use by licensed professionals in the Electrical Industry - Licensed Electricians, Electrical Contractors, Engineers, Architects, Inspectors, Building Code Officials.

FlashWorks guides licensed professionals quickly through Electrical Service Calculations based upon standards for electrical design specifies in the National Electrical Code NFPA 70.

FlashWorks is used to quickly calculate the following service loads:

Dwelling Units
Dwelling Units (SF or Apt.)
Multifamily Buildings
House Panels
Non-Dwelling Units
Use Non-Dwelling Units to calculate all commercial loads
Multi-Use Commercial Units
Calculate six units at one service point!
Conductor & Conduit Sizing
For Panel Sizing
Short Circuit Calculation
For AIC rating of overcurrent protection
Voltage Drop Calculations
Panel Balancing
Three Phase and Single Phase panel balancing. Just type in circuit names and one more click the conductors, the conduit and branch circuit breakers are sized accordingly.
Box Sizing (new)
For conductors up to #6 AWG and boxes up to 100 cubic inches. Step by step instructions for conductors,equipment grounding conductors,devices and fixtures. Then choose and compare box selections.

   ...and when you are done, you can Print your results!