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With the release of FlashWorks 2008, just one 'universal program' is required. Download FlashWorks 2008 and the Read Me file for Windows.

Download setup.exe dated 2/2/08

Download readme.txt dated 2/2/08

After you download the FlashWorks 2008 software and Read Me file (above), you may also want to Download our Free Batch Loads spreadsheets (for calculations of multiple HVAC loads) or Transformer Fault Current Tables (for short circuit calculations)

Five free trial runs of full versions are now available for evaluation. (NT, 2000, XP, XP Pro (SP2)(Service Pack 2, Vista 32) users must install the drivers first. Click on shortcut "launch setupex.exe" as described in readme file.

When you download the program, turn off your virus protection when downloading. Upon completion of the download scan the exe file with your virus program if you wish. Note: we have double checked the for viruses before posting the files.

Once the download is complete you will be automatically given five free trial runs to evaluate the program. When the five trial runs are used up. Your options are:

  1. Purchase the program.
  2. Call for additional trial runs for more evaluation time.
  3. Remove the program from your machine.

Purchasing FlashWorks™ software:

The operational software is protected and licensed by a software key that will not allow it to operate until a site key and user authorization has been given. To obtain the site key and user authorization, purchase must be confirmed.

Steps to complete the purchase. Confirm payment. Open the configure license box, click display site code button, read and agree to the license agreement, a site code will be displayed. Send the site code to us, via one of the these methods: phone, fax, (386-462-5483) email GetInfo@FlashWorks.COM (best). We will send back a site key for the unlimited license authorization. The software purchase price includes two unlimited licenses for your use.

To begin the confirmation process, contact us by one of the following methods

E-Mail: Fill out and submit our online web contact form.

Fax: Print out our online web contact form and FAX to (386) 518-6357

Phone: (386) 518-6357


Download our Free Batch Loads Spreadsheet Programs for calculations of multiple HVAC loads in three convenient formats:

Excel: Batchloads 1, Batchloads 2

Word Perfect: Batchloads

QuattroPro: Batchloads

Useful information for short circuit calculations

Download our NEW Transformer Fault Current Tables in two convenient formats: