Powerful Software for Electrical Service Load Calculations
   s i m p l i f y Electrical Service Load Calculations

FlashWorks™ is designed to guide Building Industry Professionals quickly through Electrical Service Load Calculations for 2011, 2014 and 2017 National Electrical Code® NFPA 70®.

FlashWorks is simply the fastest and best way for licensed professionals in the Electrical Industry to perform accurate Electrical Service Load Calculations including: Panel Sizing & Balancing, Conductor & Conduit Sizing, Short Circuit Calculation, and Voltage Drop Calculations for both Residential, Commercial and Industrial buildings.

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Simple, on screen instructions: 1, 2, 3…

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Fast Calculations

Panel balancing

You can balance a 42 circuit, three phase panel or single phase panel in under 3 seconds! First enter the actual circuit loads in amps. Select 1 or 3 phase balance. Then, by just entering the circuit names and answering a few pop up questions, the program sizes breakers conductors and conduit and displays a panel schedule.

Printing capabilities

You can now print from every calculation screen. Featuring better alignment for detailed printouts, print to text text file and to a clipboard so calculations can pasted into any program like spreadsheets, word processing or CAD.

Voltage drop calculations

You can now perform "what if" scenarios. Long runs the equipment grounding conductor is automatically resized.

Greatly expanded help

Learn how to put it altogether, what is required to get a permit and printable riser diagrams. User manuals are in both Word and PDF formats.

Thank You!

We wish to thank all our customers who supported the first versions of our product and provided invaluable feedback!