Powerful Software for Electrical Service Load Calculations
   s i m p l i f y Electrical Service Load Calculations

FlashWorks is simply the fastest and best way for licensed professionals in the Electrical Industry to perform accurate Electrical Service Load Calculations including: Panel Sizing & Balancing, Conductor & Conduit Sizing, Short Circuit Calculation, and Voltage Drop Calculations for both Residential, Commercial and Industrial buildings.

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Flashworks is compatible with Windows 7. Vista 32, Windows XP Pro, XP, 2000 and earlier versions available! FlashWorks comes ready to try with a five day trial period - FREE!

Support for versions 2002 and 2005 ended 1/1/10. Upgrades are available to existing users for $99.95 plus $7 shipping. FL residents add $6.75 sales tax.

FlashWorks™ is designed to guide Building Industry Professionals quickly through Electrical Service Load Calculations based on the 2008 National Electrical Code® NFPA 70®.

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Support for Spreadsheet Calculations of Batch Loads in Excel, Word Perfect & QuattroPro.

Panel Balancing - you can balance a 42 circuit, three phase panel or single phase panel in under 3 seconds! Then, by just entering the circuit names and answering a few pop up questions, the program sizes breakers conductors and conduit.

Printing Capablities - you can print from every calculation screen.

Voltage Drop Calculations - you can perform "what if" scenarios.

Greatly expanded help including how to put it altogether and what is required to get a permit.

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